AMOS 3:5 Movie

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We are now two weeks in to shooting the new AMOS 3:5 short film.

The film was written as a short but has morphed into a pilot for something much larger, perhaps a series or a feature.

Have a look below at some BTS so far. We finish filming this week.

We have an amazing editor lined up with major Hollywood credits for VFX.

We have an amazing composer ready to start work on a bespoke score too.

Exciting times !


Well filming has ended and we got there just in time.

The film is now in the safe post production hands of the editor.
When it’s edited it will go through colour grading, special effects, sound design and then the original musical score will be added.

Once we see the final product we’ll decide where to aim the film festival wise.

The current hope is still Tier 1 festivals like SXSW and Tribeca. But we shall have to wait and see…

26/12/2020 – The first trailer is now available.

15/1/2021 – Festival Update
Excited to say the film is now submitted to a number of film festivals in the UK.