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Brand Social Media

While you technically can share any old video link on social media, you’re more likely to be effective, or even go viral, if you create and optimize videos based on what works best on each specific network.

One big difference on social media is that videos are generally discovered, rather than sought out.
People will search for a video on YouTube or Google, to learn how to do something, for instance, but on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they’re more likely to find a video when scrolling through their feed.
Whether they watch it depends largely on how eye-catching and engaging it is.
And on Facebook, thanks to the FB algorithm, they may not even see it!

Social Media video content can cross over into Brand education and Brand Content but it can also be narrative work too.
A popular format today is stories involving the brand as a solution to a problem.
These can be serious or humorous.

Generally If you can get an emotional response from the viewer they are more likely to like and share your video.
Which emotion you chose (or need) to elicit depends on the product or service.
Obviously a burglar alarm would need a different video to a bouncy castle.